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the tumblr User ShulKK


#actually I am not the tumblr user shulk or the tumblr user shulkk #shulk has redirected here since sometime in 2012 and I have no idea why but I thank my mysterious benefactor
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Although this time I guess I’ll be going by mysel—

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keep on throwing shade cause I can’t see the haters

keep on throwing shade cause I can’t see the haters

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On behalf of, well, everybody talking about those fanfics, I'd like to apologize. The Shulk for Smash Bros thread on smashboards has been very hyperactive and then somebody brought up an image of this blog, which attracted the attention of all the crazy people. The fanfics were made for purely comedy and their existence should be regarded as such. Thank for your time.

OH I see, I am much less confused now. thank you for explaining and hope you guys enjoy this dumb blog.

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The same people considering the Monado X you fanfics are also thinking about Metal Face x Hades fanfics. Just saying.


#ok seriously #im just a shitty askblog owner and I have no idea what anyone's talking about #what do you want from me
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Regarding the you x Hades fanfics, there are also you x Monado fanfics. And Hades and the Monado fighting for your affection fanfics. Thought you ought to know. :b


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so how you feel about people on smashboard shipping you with hades from KI uprising

#I dont even know who that is tbh #sheddykin
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Do you want to be in Smash bros?

Yeah, but they haven’t invited me yet…

#xenoblade #lmao sorry but I drew a thing a while back so #Anonymous
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Of course you don't have to answer this but just know that I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH IT'S SO AMAZING YOU AND DO A GOOD SHULK

I hope you don’t mind that I am answering lol because I just wanted to say I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoy this blog! and sorry I’m not as active as I could be. :C

#tbh I feel kinda awkward posting a lot if I'm the only one haha